Investment Disclaimers & Investment Risks

We believe it is important that you thoroughly read and understand the following risks of investing.

Risks of Investing:

All investments, including real estate, is speculative in nature and involves risk of loss. We recommend our investors to invest with care. We also encourage investors to obtain personal advice from your professional investment advisor and to make independent analysis before acting on information that we supply. Much of our information is derived directly from information published by companies or submitted to governmental agencies and websites on which we believe are reliable but are without our independent verification. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the information is accurate or complete. We do not in any way warrant or guarantee the success of any action you take in reliance on our statements or recommendations.

Previous performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. All investments carry risk and all investment decisions of an individual remain the responsibility of that individual. There is no assurance that systems, indicators, or signals will result in profits or that they will not result in losses. All investors are advised to understand all risks involved with any kind of investing they choose to do.

Hypothetical performance or pro-forma is not indicative of future results. Unless specified, all return examples provided in our publications and websites are based on hypothetical performance or pro-forma. We make no representations or warranties that any investor will, or is likely to, achieve profits similar to those shown, because hypothetical performance or pro-forma is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Enter investment when you understand the possible outcomes as well as worst-case scenarios of that investment.

Projection Statements:

Numerous statements within this presentation, including those that express a belief, expectation or intention, as well as those that are not statements of historical fact, are projection statements. These projection statements may include calculations and estimates regarding the timing and success of strategies, procedures, intentions or plans. We have based these projection statements on our current expectations and assumptions about future events. These assumptions include, but not limited to our projections and expectations regarding: market trends in the multi-family home rental industry and in markets where we operate, our business strengths, our ideal tenant profile, the quality and location of our properties in attractive neighborhoods, sourcing of construction materials, our ability to create a cash flow opportunity with attractive current yields and upside from increasing rents and cost efficiencies through value-add opportunities and our understanding of our competition and general economic, demographic and real estate conditions that may impact our business. While we acknowledge these expectations and assumptions to be reasonable, they are inherently subject to significant business, economic, competitive, regulatory and other risks, contingencies and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond our control and could cause actual results to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Investors should not place undue reliance on these projection statements. We undertake no obligation to update any projection statements to conform to actual results or changes in our expectations, unless required by applicable law.

Real Estate Industry Associated Risks:

An investor’s offering and the performance of their properties are subject to general economic conditions and risks associated with our real estate assets.

There are significant expenditures concurrent with an investment in real estate (such as debt service, real estate taxes, and insurance costs) that generally do not decline when circumstances reduce the income from the property. Income from and the value of the properties acquired may be adversely affected by the following factors:

  • decline in economic conditions;
  • the attractiveness of the properties acquired to potential tenants and competition from other properties;
  • increases in the supply of or decreases in the demand for similar or competing properties in our target markets;
  • bankruptcies, financial difficulties or lease defaults by tenants;
  • changes in interest rates, availability and terms of debt financing;
  • changes in operating costs and expenses;
  • changes in, or increased costs of compliance with, governmental laws, rules, regulations and fiscal policies, including changes in tax, real estate, environmental and zoning laws, and our potential liability thereunder;
  • our ability to provide adequate maintenance;
  • increasing cost on supplies and construction cost;
  • lack of experienced laborers for capital improvement;
  • changes in the cost or availability of insurance, including coverage for mold or asbestos;
  • environmental conditions or retained liabilities for such conditions;
  • tenant turnover;
    the illiquidity of real estate investments generally;
  • residents’ perceptions of the safety, convenience and attractiveness of our properties and the neighborhoods where they are acquired;
  • the ongoing need for capital improvements, particularly in older properties;
  • the ability or unwillingness of residents to pay rent increases;
  • civil unrest, acts of God, including earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, which may result in uninsured losses, and acts of war or terrorism;
  • rent control or rent stabilization or other housing laws, which could prevent us from raising rents;
  • and increases in property-level maintenance and operating expenses.

For these and other reasons, The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates cannot and does not make any guarantees to investor performance.

The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates faces competition in the leasing market for quality tenants, which may limit our ability to rent our multi-family units on favorable terms or at all.

Other factors are competition for tenants from other multi-family properties, apartment buildings and condominium units, and the continuing development of new apartment buildings and condominium units in many of our target markets increases the supply of housing and exacerbates competition for tenants. Many of these competitors may successfully attract tenants with better incentives and amenities, which could adversely affect our ability to obtain quality tenants and lease our multi-family properties on favorable terms or at all. In addition, some competing housing options may qualify for government subsidies that may make such options more affordable and therefore more attractive than our properties.


While The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates has limited operating history, we believe that our business and related operating results may and can be impacted by seasonal factors throughout the year which impacts both our rental revenues and related turnover costs. In addition, our property operating costs are seasonally impacted in certain markets and regions for expenses such as snow removal and heating during the winter season and HVAC repairs and expenses during the summer season.

The improvement of economic conditions, combined with the availability of historically low residential mortgage interest rates and government sponsored programs to promote home ownership, has made home ownership more attainable and more affordable for potential renters who have strong credit. These factors may encourage potential renters to purchase residences rather than lease them, thereby causing a decline in the number and quality of potential tenants available to us.


All calculations, strategies, assumptions, documents and data presented within the The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates publications, and digital marketing and media including but not limited to websites, brochures, presentations, communications and return models are deemed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. The projected pro-forma returns on investment are intended for the purpose of illustrative projections to facilitate data analysis and are not guaranteed by The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates. Previous performance is not a direct indicator of future results.

The information provided herein is not intended to replace or serve as a substitute for any legal, real estate, tax, or other professional advice, consultation or service. The prospective client is encouraged to consult with a professional in the respective legal, tax, accounting, real estate, or other professional area before making any decisions or entering into any contracts pertaining to the property or properties described herein.

All marketing, media material, opinion, thoughts, downloadable PDFs and information have been prepared to provide summary, unverified information to prospective clients and to establish only a preliminary level of interest. The information contained herein is not a substitute for a thorough due diligence investigation. The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates has not made any investigation, and makes no warranty or representation, with respect to the income or expenses for the subject property, the future projected financial performance of the property, the size and square footage of the property and improvements, the presence or absence of contaminating substances, PCB’s or asbestos, the compliance with State and Federal regulations, the physical condition of the improvements thereon, or the financial condition or business prospects of any tenant, or any tenant’s plans or intentions to continue its occupancy of the subject property. The information presented has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable; however, The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates has not verified, and will not verify, any of the information contained herein, nor has The Vrzic Companies and its Affiliates conducted any investigation regarding these matters and makes no warranty or representation whatsoever regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. All potential clients must take appropriate measures to verify all the information set forth herein.

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