Try asking

1. What is a multifamily property?
2. Is multifamily and residential property the same?
3. Is residential properties a good investment?
4. Is owning multiple single-family homes a good idea?
5. What’s considered a tenant-friendly state?
6. What’s considered a landlord-friendly state?
7. How many states do The Vrzić operate in?
8. What happens when a tenant or two decides not to pay rent?
9. How long is the eviction process?
10. How do you make a profit from owning a multifamily?
11. Are you guys flippers?
12. What does NOI mean?
13. How do The Vrzić increase NOI on a property?
14. What types of renovations do The Vrzić do?
15. Why are renovations necessary?
16. Are the properties in bad condition?
17. Do The Vrzić buy turnkey properties?
18. Are there tenants in the units?
19. How long do the renovations take for each unit?
20. What is the average spend on renovations per unit?
21. What are the benefits of renovations?
22. Do The Vrzić raise and increase the rent?
23. How do you retain and maintain a happy tenant?
24. Who manages the property?
25. Do the investors make any decisions for the property?
26. How long are the leases for the property?
27. Do you buy and hold a property for a long time?
28. What do you look for when you’re purchasing a multifamily complex?
29. What are the different classes of buildings?
30. Are there other real estates besides multifamily properties that The Vrzić purchase?
31. Who are The Vrzić?
32. How did they come into purchasing multifamily and build wealth for their investors?
33. What makes investing with The Vrzić so unique and different compared to everyone else?
34. Why should I invest with The Vrzić?
35. What’s the minimal investment?
36. What if I don’t have enough liquid cash to invest?
37. What is a referral fee?
38. What’s my expected return on my investment?
39. How long do I have to wait to see a return on my investment?
40. How often will I receive information about my investment?
41. Are cash dividends given to the investors each month?
42. Do The Vrzić purchase the multifamily properties in all cash?
43. Do The Vrzić use conventional bank loans to purchase the properties?
44. Are the investors liable for the loan?
45. What happens if there is a pandemic?
46. Do I know who the other investors are?
47. What are the minimum units that The Vrzić purchase?
48. Do The Vrzić purchase land?
49. What is syndication?
50. What is Regulation A?
51. Do The Vrzić buy syndicated deals?
52. How many members are there in the company?
53. Is The Vrzić owned by a bigger corporation?
54. Is The Vrzić part of a REIT?
55. What tax form do the investors receive?
56. What is your rate of retention?
57. What are all the ways The Vrzić protect the investors?
58. Do The Vrzić put the properties under a trust?
59. What is The Vrzić track record?
60. Are The Vrzić regulated under the SEC regulation?
61. What is the typical hold strategy?
62. Do The Vrzić always sell the properties?
63. Are there any hidden fees?
64. Who pays for all the renovations?
65. Do The Vrzić purchase storage units?
66. Do The Vrzić own the renovation/construction company?
67. What are some of the add-in values or sizzling strategies The Vrzić use?
68. What happens if there is a recession?
69. What is a 1031 Exchange?
70. WereThe Vrzić ever not able to sell or refinance a property?
71. What are some of the exit strategies The Vrzić have in place?
72. What does it mean to force appreciate?
73. Do The Vrzić ever buy properties on auction?
74. What is a CAP rate?
75. Are the properties that come to The Vrzić off-market properties?
76. Do The Vrzić use their own funds to invest in the properties?
77. Do The Vrzić have their own management company?
78. How long is the process of when the funds are transferred to purchasing a property?
79. What happens when a property doesn’t pass due diligence?
80. What is the occupancy rate when making a purchase?
81. Can I submit a property to The Vrzić?
82. How many leads do The Vrzić receive a week?
83. Do The Vrzić purchase buildings that are HOA?
84. Could you give me some examples of how The Vrzić are conservative in their underwriting?
85. Do The Vrzić purchase student housing?
86. Do The Vrzić maintain a model apartment?
87. Do I need to open up an LLC or use my personal information for the contract?
88. Do The Vrzić use equity share partners to purchase the properties?
89. Are there any renters that are governed by government subsidized programs in the properties?
90. Has the business been affected by the pandemic?
91. Does the neighboring home sales govern the sale of the property?
92. Do The Vrzić do ground-up developments?
93. Are any of the properties short term rentals i.e. Airbnb?
94. Do The Vrzić purchase properties outside of the US?
95. Do The Vrzić fix all the items from the inspection and appraisal reports?
96. Do The Vrzić purchase senior living properties?
97. How do The Vrzić help the community?
98. How long has The Vrzić been investing in real estate?
99. What specific things do you look for in an investment property?
100. Where does my money go towards?