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Only with those, you would WANT to work & prosper with 🙂

Our motivation comes from knowing that our investors will do amazing things with the wealth we build for them. So in that spirit, we only trust people YOU vouch for. That is our motivation: “Positive-minded individuals that will make a difference with the wealth we accomplished for them.”

Things to consider before you receive your 3% referral fee on whatever he/she invests in.

A) Is this a positive-minded person? Check!
B) Is this person okay with investing at least $250,000? Check!
C) Is this person okay with waiting 2-5 years to get back their initial investment? Check!

If the above checks out, let’s proceed.

Some Helpful Messages

Spontaneous Message

Hey [Friend], I want to connect you to a company I know. They have a unique process of what they do with buildings that is recession and pandemic proof. They seem to match exactly what you might be searching for and I would love to introduce you guys. They don’t bite, and they offer a lot of data before the call so they’ll be able to answer all of your questions. Tell them “[Your Full Name] sent me to see if we might be a good fit” in the message area of this link I hope this is the beginning of a meaningful collaboration.

Informed Message

Hey [Friend], so I meant to tell you about a family business that’s helped me generate considerable returns [over XXX%] from my initial investment. In short, they buy distressed buildings from slumlords and bring them back to what the market and tenants needs, making it a win-win for everyone involved. They’ve been doing this for over 15 years. Better yet, say “[Your Full Name] sent me to see if we might be a good fit” in the message area of this link Let’s talk after your call with them.

Or if you would like us to contact anyone for you

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